elevator carcodec system

it has master and slave parts that connect to each other via RS-485 protocol and transfer up to 50 logic signals in both directions and will reduce the cabling in elevator industries

2 ch 4-20ma input programmable dimmer

this is a special full digital dimmer that gets 2 inputs of 4-20ma signals and will cut the sinus curve of the main voltage and sends to the output

it will deliver from 0 to 100% of power to the output depends on the 4-20ma input

40 amps output 100-240v digital timer

gsm remote controller

this module uses any kind of simcards and will provide up to 8 outputs relays and up to 8 logic inputs

the way of sending and receving the commands is SMS and also it has an app that it can be used to install on the phone

hot plate temperature controller

this board control the element power to control the temperature of the hotplates that are used in the chemical labs

in this project the Atmel Tiny series AVR are used

elevator phase control

this small unit is used to control the status of the gear less motors position and the cabin moving speed in case of black out.

arm 7 nxp-lpc2378 Evaluation board

Custom made Dev Kit for NXP ARM7 micro controllers

special graphic card

This graphic card is to show text or graphics on TV or Monitor.

It can be connected to any kind of micro controllers with UART port


this board designed and produced for the KORG musical instruments to increase its memory and replace the mechanical hard disk with CF flash memories

Dot Matrix devkit

This is a 16 x 64 Dot Matrix dev kit with 1024 x 0402 leds in a very small board with all the components on the other side with all the libraries and driver costom made for a client based on LPC2103 ARM7 Processor

7" Display Kit

This is a Devkit for 7" display with touch screen and the NXP LPC1768 ARM CORTEX M3 chip with all gui libraries custom designed for a customer

4 output digital security lock

this system has 4 relays and will get up to 6 digit passwords for each relay and user will trigger each relay with special code

3d joystick camera crane controller

this is an accurate 3D camera Crane controller that can control 3 DC motors in 2 direction for each one and continuous speed controlling

8 ch telemetry board

this board can send and receive up to 8 logic signals on 433mhz band

dc motors rs485 speed controller

this small module comes in a small box and has one 24v input two 24v outputs to connect to up to 2 separate DC motors

the board can be controlled via R485 Bus

electro-static paining gun cascade driver

this small board is using in electro-static painting guns

it uses to drive the HVDC Coil in the Gun

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soundduino - sound shield for arduino

This is a Sound Recorder/Player Shield designed for Arduino with all libraries for Arduino IDE that is able to record and play sound files with high quality to/from Micro-SD memory card


VGADuino - Vga shield for arduino

This is a VGA Card Shield for Arduino board with RGB and AV output for all kind of TV or Monitors . it has all Libraries for Arduino IDE.


Smart watch for arduino

This product is a smart watch for arduino users to be able to write and program their sketched to this watch. the watch has BLE and bunch of useful sensors

prototype Power system

This power board is for when you need different positive and negative voltages in your project from one single power source! thie board will generate fixed and adjustable positive and negative voltages at the same time from a li-ion battery and can be recharged from a onboard usb charger

industrial dimmer timer

this is a digital dimmer timer that can get up to 20 on/off time set points and start and end the dimmer at that times

you can set the ramp of turning on/off then it will simulate the sunrise and sunset that is used in chicken farms , ...

parking doors remote control unit

this is a remote control unit board that controls the remote doors automatically

this board can save up to 200 code-learn and code-hopping remotes

elevator sound system

this small module is used in elevator control unit to play musics during the elevator movement and say the floor number at stops

it play sounds from Micro-Sd cards

BATTERYDUINO - BATTERY shield for arduino

This Shield is a Battery power source that can mage regulated 5V power for the Arduino board from 3 AAA size battery the switching supply circuit can keep 5v regulated even the batteries voltage drops down

hatcher machine full controller

A very accurate temperature and humidity controller that is used in hatcher machines


This device is an industrial counter that is used on production rail to count the input and output parts.

the device has 2 proximity sensor input and a built in 240*128 graphical LCD and ability to connect to printer to print the result

diesel generator frequency Stabilizer

this is a digital automatic governer system that will measure and control the frequency of the diesel generators

it gets the frequency set point and will increase and decrease the motor fuel to set the frequency

4 ch analog 4-20MA analog output module

this module can connect to the computer via RS232 or RS485 port and get the desired output values

32ch telemetry board

this system collect 32 logic signals from 8 zones wireless and delivers on a 32 relays main unit

VGADUINO-II - GRAPHIC shield for arduino

This Shield is a Graphic shield that allows Arduino to be connected to the monitor or TV.

It has 256 color 800 x 600 resolution with different sizes of fonts and built in functions for drawing lines and shapes or even get access to the pixels directly.

All the libraries for Arduino is included.

gsm module

this is a complete ready to use GSM module that has all the components needed on boards

it has some pins that are used to connect to any type of micro controllers and send / receive sms , call , mms , data , ...

10 step termocouple temperature controller

this board has 2 termocouple inputs to sense the temperature and has 10 relays outputs.

each relay will be triggered if the average temperature of the 2 termocouples reaches to the constant value

daq system for labview

this is a compact DAQ module to be connected to the PC thru RS485 or RS232 port and collect data or you can change the relays status

wave sound player module

this small 1 inch * 1 inch  multipurpose module can play and record wave sounds from / to Micro-Sd memory cards in stereo 16 bit format

It communicates thru UART Serial port and uses the very simple AT-COMMANDS

metal detector controller board

this board is made for a metal detector producer company

this board process the signals from the main metal detector unit and show graphs and other information on a full-color LCD with high resolution

termocouple temperature controller

This board can control the temperature of the electic oven

it can work with Type J and K termocouples

digital programmable dimmer with memory

This is a programmable digital dimmer that can cut the main power sine wave exactly on the desired angle

minimum voltage and maximum voltage and the step numbers are programmable

Motor speed controller board

this board control the speed of the centrifuges are used in blood test labs

it has a LCD screen with Keypad . user sets the desired speed and the time and many other options .

it has the soft starter , break , door opener , door lock , ... systems 

wave sound player module

this small 1 inch * 1 inch  multipurpose module can play and record wave sounds from / to Micro-Sd memory cards in mono 8 bit format

It communicates thru UART Serial port and uses the very simple AT-COMMANDS

MILIsecond timer and counter

this board is produced for a school lab devices producer company

this board will count the pendulum  turns and returns and the time of each period in ms for physic labs

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smart data logger with 8 inputs

This is a small data logger that can get samples from 8 analog 4-20ma inputs up to 1000 samples per second and store them with date and time in Excel format in a SD-Card .

the device support FAT32


This is a small pocket AVR USB programmer that can program all of the AVR chips on the board with high speed

an external power supply is not needed

arm 7 - nxp-lpc23xx evaluation kit

this is a complete custom made evaluation kit for NXP-LPC 2368 ARM 7 MCU


car injectors tester

this system tests the car injectors nuzzles and the fuel step motor

it does all the things is needed automatically and finally print the test results


This small board has ability to read the temperature from K , J , T type termocouples and display on screen

the system gets up to 10 temperature and time set points and hold the temperature on the set points with desired time .

the temperature range is from 50 to 2000c